About us

Nyiees International is a Vincentian owned and operated wholesale and retail business which caters to the general public. We offer exceptional services that make NYIEES the #1 custom friend business and the first bidding site in the Caribbean. 

We will make it our duty to supply everything that you need

Orders- You day the item, we order source and deliver directly to your destination.

Household-We can supply all household items

Bids- We have introduced to vincentians the opportunity to bid on almost any item through our weekly auction.

Auctions starts every Monday and ends on Friday at 8pm eastern. There are 2 types of bids 

  1. Standard bids- this bid allow our members to bid for the best prices. When member wins he/she earn the privilege to purchase the item at the closing price. that member has 24 hours in which to purchase items or the privilege will be given to the next inline

  2.  Mixed bids- this type of bid works differently in that it allow members to top up their account with money to bid on item in auction. This bid type members can win from a single bid which may cost $1.00.

E.g 1.

Agents are businesses or persons who tops up the members accounts ….


Distributors are business owners who stock our goods at their respective businesses to sell for a percentage 

Sales affiliates sells on behalf our company